Suspenseful Ride: Proving Grounds by Stanalei Fletcher


Screw-ups don’t get second chances. That’s what Caitlin Malone believes when she returns to Oregon after failing her first Northstar Security assignment. When she inadvertently stumbles across a plot to steal deadly pathogens from the bio-lab near her hometown, she sees a chance at redemption.
USDA Forest Ranger, John ‘Mac’ MacAlistair, doesn’t want to babysit the motorcycle club holding their annual rally in his national forest. To make matters worse, Caitlin is attending the rally with Mac’s estranged uncle. Having her home again brings up feelings that are better left buried.
It’s early September. Any spark will send the dry timber into a raging fire. The terrorists are counting on that distraction to work in their favor. When Caitlin is trapped by the wildfire, her only hope of rescue is pinned on Mac, the man she’s tried two years to forget. Before they can share their feelings, Mac and Caitlin must first escape the burning forest and stop the terrorists from releasing the deadly pathogens.


4 stars

My Review:

I enjoyed this suspenseful ride from start to finish! Wow, what a ride! I finished this book in one day. I can’t put it down. The first page started with some action, with Caitlin going on a mission for private security agency, Northstar Security. Immediately, I was sucked into the book with the thrilling surveillance scene! She lost her quarry and caused her partner to be shot at. It’s refreshing to see a heroine who failed her assignment. Her issues and headbutt arguments with her father are also familiar. The action picked up again when Caitlin was trapped by fire in the forest!

The threat of terrorism and biological outbreak was very real, and Caitlin and Mac race to save the day while fighting for their own survival. I was on tenterhooks the entire time! I kept rooting for Caitlin and Mac to get out of it alive. I want Caitlin to resolve her issues with her father and with Mac before it’s too late! Stanalei’s characters are human, flawed and relatable, making it easy to identify with them and their problems.

Totally enjoyed this book! I have no problem recommending this.