Page Turner Read: Hungry Read by Violet Haze


Will one man change everything Caroline’s ever thought about love?

Caroline Lowther’s in a long-term open relationship with her boyfriend of nearly four years, Nathan MacMillan. For the past six months, Nathan’s had another girlfriend, Rissa, while Caroline has yet to find anyone else who interests her in a romantic way. That is until Benedict Grant, a local business man in an open-relationship of his own, approaches her at her favorite cafe and makes his own attraction clear.

What follows is a whirlwind romance where two hearts fall fast for one another, secrets kept become desires revealed, and the shocking murder of someone close to Caroline leaves her world shattered and her heart broken.

Picking up the pieces, Caroline must learn that life has immeasurable merit, love is worth holding on to even if it’s different than what she’s always thought, and every single moment leads her right where she needs to go.


5 stars


Wonderful story! The book is a page-turner. I can’t stop reading! The focus is on Caroline and Benedict, and they are hot together. The story deals with real problems of people in an open relationship, and goes deeper into Caroline’s very self. The writing is great and addictive. Don’t miss it!