Enjoyable: Chasing Air by DeLaine Roberts

Accidentally marrying into the mob, Dr. Judith Bellonte Donati staged her death with the help of the FBI before the hired hit-man could finish the job. Now with a new life and a new name, Dr. Makenzie Holder struggles daily with the loss of connection with her family and the constant lurking of old ghosts from her past.
Gorgeous millionaire developer Jonathan Bain offers her everything she wants in the way of a family… but his demanding demeanor is a reminder of the life she left behind. But can Makenzie overlook her haunted past and give Jonathan a chance at redemption, or will a chance encounter in the ER with Detective Ryler Buchanan lead to the love of a lifetime?
Chasing Air: A hot romance with a side of turbulence!


5 stars


I wondered why I waited so long to read this. And once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down!

I love Makenzie; she was truly a great heroine, for being so brave and strong. I normally don’t like to read about love triangles, but I have to say that it’s done pretty well here. The author wrote a compelling tale; from the first page she drew me into Makenzie’s world and didn’t let go until the last page with the right balance of suspense and romance.

I enjoyed reading this book immensely and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone.